5 Questions To Ask Before Logging Back In To Your Old Dating Apps

1) Does The App Invest Your Time Wisely?

Time is money. The way you choose to spend it now, has an exponential effect on the trajectory of the rest of your life. Your job takes up most of your day so your remaining free time should be maximised to effectively help you look for what you want.

2) Are You Satisfied With Who You Have Already Met On There?

If a dating app has a track record of consistently delivering low quality matches and time-wasters, it’s time to go. Is the 1 good chat really worth going through 110 bad ones? Those odds are rubbish. All bets off.

3) Does The App Allow You To Accurately Present Who You Really Are?

4) What Is Your Match To Chat Ratio?

1000 right swipes, 100 matches, 10 messages sent and 1 response? If that sounds like a familiar, it’s not your fault. You’re using an app that was designed to reward when you match with people instead of actually dating them. Apps designed this way treat you as replaceable and disposable when comparing you with their millions of other users. It’s time to delete.

5) Do You Feel More Stressed Out After You Log Out?



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